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National COSH — Jobs Board

Current job openings from our network of health and safety
and worker advocacy organizations. If you have a job offering
you would like to see listed here, please email us.

Posted 12/10/2019 - North Bay Jobs with Justice, Lead Organizer: North Bay Jobs with Justice is seeking a qualified candidate for the position of Lead Organizer. North Bay Jobs with Justice is based upon a direct-action model of solidarity and we organize campaigns in the common interests of our broad-based membership. Campaigns include: the right to organize, living and minimum wage, immigrant rights, racial and gender justice, community benefits, health care for all, food and environmental justice, affordable housing, and addressing wage theft. State and local policy initiatives are an important component of the work of North Bay Jobs with Justice. The organization is affiliated with the national Jobs with Justice network and based in Sonoma and Marin counties with an office in Santa Rosa. More details

Posted 11/29/2019 - Occupational Lead Poisoning Prevention Program, California Department of Public Health; Occupational Health and Safety Specialist: Assist employers in lead industries statewide to prevent work-related lead poisoning; investigate lead uses for potential substitution of safer materials and processes; help to see that employers and workers are aware of revised, more health-protective standards soon to be adopted in California. More details

Posted 11/8/2019 - National Institutes of Health, Department of Health And Human Services, Safety and Occupational Health Specialist: The Health and Safety Branch (HSB) provides expertise and support to the NIEHS and the National Toxicology Program (NTP) in the areas of biological, chemical, physical and radiation safety, engineering and maintenance, industrial hygiene and toxicology, personal protective equipment, workman's compensation, environmental protection, fire protection, emergency response and hazardous waste management. More Details

Posted 11/7/2019 - BlueGreen Alliance, State Director: The BlueGreen Alliance (BGA) seeks qualified candidates for the position of State Policy Director, based in our Minneapolis, Minnesota, or Washington, D.C. office. The State Policy Director is responsible for overseeing BGA’s state policy development aimed at building a clean economy with quality jobs, including working with state-based and program staff to identify legislative and policy opportunities, develop strategic policies to achieve organizational objectives, and to develop advocacy efforts around these policies on the state level. More Details

Posted 11/7/2019 - BlueGreen Alliance, Policy Advisor - Vehicles & Manufacturing: The Blue Green Alliance has a position open for a Policy Advisor as part of our DC legislative and policy team.  The position will be responsible for designing, coordinating, and implementing legislative and policy efforts around clean vehicles & technology, manufacturing, trade and related issues. More Details