Leading the fight for safe and healthy workplaces

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Mission and Action Plan

Our Mission

  • It’s Our Turn to create safe workplaces, free from physical, verbal and emotional abuse.
  • It’s Our Turn to change the power dynamics that have allowed abusive practices to go unchallenged for far too long.
  • It’s Our Turn to prevent abuse, hold abusers accountable, and support survivors with all necessary resources. 

Our Action Plan

  • Support and strengthen public policy campaigns that empower low-wage and vulnerable workers to protect themselves against abuse, harassment and intimidation.
  • Back organizing efforts to create unions, worker centers and other forms of organization that address the power imbalance between workers and employers.
  • Create a clearinghouse of campaigns, policies, expert testimony and other resources to help workers build power and win justice.
  • Increase worker-led participatory research, documentation of findings, media coverage and messaging to maximize the voices of impacted workers.
  • Encourage our labor and community allies to model values and best practices that promote workplaces and organizations free from harassment and abuse.